13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings~ Apprenticeship Training

Learn How To Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts

Ancient Wisdom Teachings & Initiation

The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings bring you to a greater awareness and understanding of how the invisible make up your world, the energy that forms in the higher senses to communicate with you. These teachings speak to you from an ancient place within you, to the one who knows, the seeker within you, the wise one. Now in our 8th year of teachings that originated from the indigenous jungles of Guatemala at a sacred pyramid temple, these teachings are empowering women globally to enhance their wellbeing and connection to nature, their ability to self-love and to understand more clearly how her world operates.

Ancient Wisdom Teachings & Initiation

Embody 13 mystical ancient wisdom teachings along with accessing Generational Healing™ you will experience a world of awakening to your higher senses and explore your spiritual gifts.

Learn The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings~ Get Updates on Events

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