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Ancient Wisdom Teachings & Initiation

The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings bring you to a greater awareness and understanding of how the invisible make up your world, the energy that forms in the higher senses to communicate with you. These teachings speak to you from an ancient place within you, to the one who knows, the seeker within you, the wise one. Now in our 8th year of teachings that originated from the indigenous jungles of Guatemala at a sacred pyramid temple, these teachings are empowering women globally to enhance their wellbeing and connection to nature, their ability to self-love and to understand more clearly how her world operates.

The opening of the gateway is an ancient long held sacred rite into a new domain, awareness, relationship and knowing that awakens the spiritual gifts within you. Welcome.

Understanding how to manage your energy filled is one the most important skills a human being can have. In this mystical wisdom teaching you will learn how to hone, refine, focus and release energy within your field and how to keep out what is not desired nor needed. Greater awareness of who you are and how to be unfolds and a grounded presence is received.

Managing your energy field asks for you to connect in the moment to all of your senses, thoughts, focus and intentions. Each body that you exists within, the physical being the most tangible, also shares a corresponding relationship to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that make up your energetic pathways, the centres that determine your overall well being and health, to the past, present and future. You physical body is a storehouse of your most profound conversations that live within your cellular memory, muscle tissue, bones and organs. These centres connect you to an energetic grid of 72,000 meridian lines that share the same portal, your heart beat. Most women disown their physical connection and awareness that the physical is the powerhouse of all stored memories and some see their bodies as an onslaught of negative things being done to them, not realizing that the body is in communication to the spirit within always in correspondence to what needs to be brought up, restored, rejuvenated, let go or removed from any of the energy bodies.

As a spirited being housed in a physical body, you are tender, sensitive and easily affected when energy is manipulated or mismanaged. Your early years as an infant and throughout your childhood are the most open, receptive, trusting, teachable and caring years of your life. It sets a stage in your energy field that can last a lifetime. Learning specific techniques to apply will shift the energy of early onset trauma that is stored in your energy field. This benefits you and your clients by anchoring into Earth and grounding your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies to create a strong, healthy energy field. Knowing how to ground into your energy field is the most direct, powerful and simple way to stay present and own your experiences

1. Where are you not grounded in your body. 2. Where are you not grounded in your mind. 3. Where are you not grounded in your emotions. 4. Where are you not grounded spiritually.

1. Being more productive with less effort. 2. Ability to have much more needed mental clarity. 3. Emotional health, less drama. 4. Deeper spiritual connection.

Language is composed of ideas from others opinions, what it I told you that your emotions speak a particular language that has been misinterpreted? This months mystical wisdom teaching presents a new beginning, a relationship with yourself via emotional sensitivity. Benefit by relating to the world via this new language and connect deeper with your children, knowing that your awareness of her emotions will present more opportunities for you to express yourself clearly.

Are you highly sensitive emotionally and take on other peoples pain and feelings? Do you feel like the world is too much to take in some times and don’t know how to unwind, discharge the intense energies that build up daily or ground out your own energies? Your not alone! These intuitive abilities as a sensitive soul shows up via your emotional body and for most people on the planet, that sensitivity has been shamed as a negative experience during childhood or adolescence. You have been told to shut up, be quiet, don’t cry, don’t speak about such things, keep it to yourself, your being too sensitive, and many more words that cause harm and shame the sensitive into not believing in her own experiences, emotions and sensory feelings. You were told to not express your emotional sensitivities? These sensitivities could be to certain people, foods, lights, sounds, environments, smells and surroundings. Each person has a different temperamental sensitivity, use this to your advantage and listen to your hightened awareness that is letting you know what works best for you. How to tell the difference between emotional sensitivity, ego and self sabotage?

This months mystical wisdom teaching shows you how to clear out mental chaos by removing the mental trigger fragments your energy field into one of chaos. Internal chaos, mental confusion and disturbance in the energy field. You most likely have experienced this at one point or even today, it’s a 21st century epidemic that leads to mental and emotional exhaustion, depression and also feeling alone. This months mystical wisdom teaching shows you how to clear out mental chaos by removing the mental trigger fragments your energy field into one of chaos. You will learn about energy loops and how to remove the vibration that creates the pattern to repeat itself.

1. How to recognize when mental chaos has taken over. 2. Where the internal chaos began. 3. How the internal chaos gets triggered. 4. Where is it located within your energy field. 5. How to support your own mental health.

1. Learn how to turn off your trigger point. 2. Energetically read the signs BEFORE the chaos begins. 3. Know how to shift your energy field and create internal harmony. (Yup, you’ll learn it here!) 4. Learn a new technique that will guide you back to your still point of awareness and ground you in your power. 5. Support your clients by understanding how to maintain a healthy mental energy field. 6. Clear patterns of mental self sabotage.

An entanglement is when two or more energies intermingle and combine to merge with one another. This happens on in a quantum field also, where particles can merge with one another from the micro to the macro of your biology to your soul evolution and also with universal relations. We will discuss each aspect and how entanglements play a pivotal part in creating a healthy spiritual biology.

1. Where entanglements have developed throughout your family. 2. How to release an entanglement. 3. Where you have unhealthy entanglements from intimate relationships. 4. Where these entanglements are stored. 5. How to connect to an entanglement BEFORE it begins.

1. Clears your energy field. 2. Removes energetic blocks and confusion. 3. Heals family dynamics and dysfunctional relationships. 4. Creates a powerful healing energy field around you. 5. Learn how to spot discordant energies before they hook into your field.

Stalking enables you to break old habits, understand your own nature, dispel your ego and become super aware of your own self sabotage. Stalking removes self importance to understand the importance of the greater good. You will become aware of the shadow plays throughout your life while stalking energies. Recognizing who is speaking into the world as the ego self, and how the place of internal harmony desires to take a stand for integrity with her presence

1. Shadow stalking. 2. Light stalking. 3. Dream stalking. 4. Stalking one’s thoughts. 5. How to stalk reality.

1. Understand destructive emotional patterns in yourself and clients. 2. Remove self importance. 3. Living in a place of energetic integrity. 4. Connecting with your shadow and light bodies. 5. Refining your core: the discipline of awareness.

Tracking is an energetic art form used by ancient civilizations and shamans today throughout the world. Being able to track a person, place or thing ask for discipline, full attention and the ability to let go of one’s logical, egoic state of being.Tracking asks for you to be fully present in the moment and aware of higher states of reality unseen yet felt by your spiritual body and the higher self. Being aware of tracking the energetic field of a persons lineage, past, present or future by using one or more of your sensory perceptions: sight, smell, touch, taste and smell, will enable you to map out and follow the organization of it’s energetic bioluminosity. This months mystical wisdom teaching shows you how to track energy in the body, outside of the body, around the world, and inside yourself.

1. What is the importance of tracking as a Sacred Spiritual Guide & Healer. 2. How to track your children and loved ones. 3. How to track the past to observe the present and future. 4. Understanding energetic anatomy in organs, bones, muscles and nervous system. 5. How to read and track DNA.

1. Brings awareness to your spiritual gifts as a healer and guide. 2. Heals your misconceptions and beliefs of safety in the world. 3. Bridge the unseen worlds of energy and matter by using your higher perceptional awareness into multidimensional perception. 4. Creates conscious awareness of the energetic connection that binds all of us on Earth and spirit. 5. Connect with the healing frequency of your own energy body.

Vibrational bilocation takes you outside the mind and into the energy body of your senses. The pineal gland is used to open up the third eye to see into different vibrational states of awareness. Bilocating is being able to exist in more than one location at a time and being aware of the experience. This months mystical wisdom teaching shows you how to use bilocation to become aware your vibrational tone in different realities. The purpose of this is to expand your relationship within your energy field and remove the limitations that control your perceptions of your mind. This allows you to express yourself in new ways and be embodied in your physical and etheric fields enabling you to be more compatible with your relationship to reality.

1. How to get out of your head (mind) and into your body. 2. Trust your higher senses. 3. To be in multidimensional frameworks. 4. Open up your pineal gland. 5. Be in two places at once.

1. Remove the limiting effects of how much your mind controls you. 2. Expand your energy field. 3. Experience your inner sight. 4. Ground into your etheric field. 5. Release the idea of linear space and time.

Your hearts intelligence is more powerful and influential than your brain, it holds that much power. Your heart stores emotions, memories and emits a magnetic frequency up to seven feet in diameter from you. This months mystical wisdom teaching will impart heart healing wisdom showing you the benefits of the effects your heart has upon your neurology, mind and outcomes in life. The direct correlation between your mind and heart will be discussed along with presenting a heart healing meditation to remove and release years of internal pain stored in your hearts energy field.

1. How the electromagnetic field of your heart affects your reality. 2. Connect to the powerful healing energies of the Earth. 3. Create a harmonious and happy energy surrounding your heart. 4. Connect with other people receiving them with acceptance and love. 5. Learn how to alter negative thoughts and create positive thought processes.

1. Heal your mind from negative thoughts. 2. Remove the idea of separation of self and others. 3. Expand your energy field. 4. Cultivate your intuitive abilities to connect to the world in a new way. 5. Deepen your human experience by embodying your entire energy field in a coherent field of pure love.

Our bloodline constitutes myriad ways of understanding who we are as an individual and what we each can become collectively, from the holders of our generational lineage. We are Earth, flesh, stardust and blood with a long molecular sequencing that predates any written concept of belief about how we came to be. You can be influenced by your great great grandmother’s desire to explore botany or carry a gene from your mothers lineage dating back 30 generations that influences you today. It is also a place to rectify long lost memories and traumas that continue to plague family lineages, known as intergenerational patterning. This months mystical wisdom teaching will connect you to the core teachings of your generational inheritance. You will meet and get to know an aspect of your ancestors wisdom teachings and what is being asked of you as a lineage carrier to bring into the world now as spiritual healer and guide. You will discover and explore what you are to heal within your ancestry lineage that did not come to light in past generations. Why you chose your bloodline and the truth of your pain and suffering.

1. How epigenetic inheritance affects your biochemistry. 2. Understand how intergenerational patterns are transmitted. 3. Transmission of neurotoxins in transgenerational biology. 4. Discover how your bloodline inherent certain gene patterns. 5. Understand why your lineage has been chosen by you prior to birth.

1. Clarify why you carry certain traits and where they come from. 2. Release inherent generational emotional shame. 3. Heal intergenerational trauma that is carried within your bloodline. 4. Feel lighter, more focused, less stressed and accept the inherent gene pool that supports you in accelerating your physical healing codes, in your DNA~ RNA. 5. Discover how to harness spiritual knowledge from your generational inheritance.

This months mystical wisdom teaching will reprogram your energy system to the beginning of your spiritual essence to instil a healthy energy field. Your energy field is a boundary that has been eroded and dismantled over many lifetimes. The accumulation of discordant miasms inside your physical system and emotional field show up within the fractured boundaries that are experienced within your human relationships. The most obvious unhealthy boundary are the ones that are unseen in the spiritual body, we will dive deep into understanding how to heal the chasm between the boundary of self and other in this months mystical wisdom teaching. This months mystical wisdom teaching connects you to your ancient ancestry and invokes a powerful initiation to harness your fullest potential as a healer, guide and open up the awareness to all of your gifts that have been passed down to you via your mother’s bloodline.

1. How a mystical wisdom teaching initiation works. 2. What steps are involved with the 13 initiations. 3. What is needed to enter into the initiation and what needs to dissolve.

1. Aligns you to your soul – star. 2. Activates your star lineage. 3. Rebalance your 13 strands of DNA.

Ancient Wisdom Teachings & Initiation

Embody 13 mystical ancient wisdom teachings along with accessing Generational Healing™ you will experience a world of awakening to your higher senses and explore your spiritual gifts.

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